The power of positive change

Written by Jason T. Smith

November 17, 2017


One of my most impacting personal discoveries of leadership is best represented by the story of a little seven-year-old boy who observed the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. You can read the story here:

It’s a story I share a lot during my Iceberg Leadership training sessions. The simple and obvious lesson in this story for me is that leadership can rarely be taught. It has to be lived. It has to be practised. It has to be exercised. People need space, time, and a certain amount of personal struggle to develop their leadership muscle – just like the caterpillar who wants to fly one day.

Leadership is one of our core values at Back In Motion. It’s a skill entirely dependent on a person being committed to progressive, positive, and incremental change.

How is your leadership developing?


Leadership impacts engagement – with your colleagues; your clients; and even in your home life.

Engagement is the easiest thing in the workplace to fix if you want it to change. You don’t have to worry about anyone else – what they are thinking; what they are doing; how they are engaging. All you have to do is make a simple decision for yourself.

Decide to engage! Just like that.

Not because it’s fun, feels good, is easy or because you will get immediate rewards. But because it is a decision.

Give your best effort and best self to the team around you. Overcome your feelings and live on purpose.

If everyone made this decision – your team experience will change overnight. Immediately.

Positive engagement relies on individual leadership. Make it personal!

Now for the challenge!

With all this in mind, and noting that change is hard, uncomfortable and for the brave, ask yourself:

“How can I personally lead better to finish strongly in 2017 and open well in 2018?”

What can you personally engage in? Take responsibility for? Give your best to?

If every day at work is a job interview (and it kind of is 😊), then this is the big interview question I’d ask you!

Please give it some serious thought.

If you would like to develop your leadership skills, I’d encourage you to join us in our Iceberg Leadership Series in 2018. See you there!

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