Leading with Conviction

Jason inspires us to live and lead with conviction. To make choices that are intentional, strategic, passionate, and uncompromising in their purpose. To identify what is most important to you, and do something about it.

Jason is a
Best Selling Author
Serial Entrepreneur
Justice Advocate
Keynote Speaker
Spiritual Leader
Leadership Coach
Thought Leader


The surprising personal story behind the garage startup that became a $100m national brand.

“It’s hard to put this book down. It lifts from the page as you read it and takes you on a journey with a man intent on making his life count. What strikes me is Jason Smith’s honesty, drive and integrity. I love the way his faith undergirds his business decision-making, even when the pressure is enormous. A must-read if you want to make your life, your work and your business thrive with an impact that matters.”

Rev Tim Costello AO
Director, Ethical Voice
Former CEO, World Vision Australia
Rated Top 100 in Australia’s National Living Treasures, National Trust poll 2014
Victorian of the Year 2004
Australian Peace Prize 2008


Jason’s Story


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Jason’s speaking and interview engagements are tailored to exceed your expectations, deliver effective key messages to your target audience, and be suitably priced for the nature of your event.


Personal Coaching

 The Iceberg Leadership Masterclass is a personal leadership and team development program, that offers a tailored experience for people from all industries, trades, sectors, and careers. 


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Current Associations


As Jason shared his powerful story, the guests at our Halftime Australia business leadership luncheon in Melbourne were quickly captivated. With passion, energy and great conviction he told the tale of the unique, brave and revolutionary leadership concepts he boldly implemented at Back in Motion in 2013. His personal journey was incredibly inspirational and left everyone encouraged and empowered. Jason’s dynamic personality, coupled with his brilliant storytelling, humour and breadth of business success and knowledge provided a remarkable and engaging presentation. Jason is a refreshing and vibrant communicator and we look forward to partnering with him again.


John Sikkema
Chairman, Halftime Australia

Our attendees are motivated professionals seeking inspiration and ideas on innovation, and Jason did not disappoint. His honest stories of struggle before success clearly resonated with the crowd, as well as his no-nonsense mantras on business. Heads nodded, notes were taken copiously – and attendees agreed; Jason was a thought-provoking, stirring and memorable addition to our program.


Maree Ferguson & Laura Bryne
Conference Organiser, Dietitian Unite 2018

Jason was absolutely outstanding as a speaker as he customised the presentation to our franchise network aligning our theme and his experience. I highly recommend Jason and would be happy to give further information on our super positive experience with him.


Ben Fletcher
Founder, LTYB Personal Training Franchise

Jason has been a speaker at both Gathering Twenty 17 and this year at Gathering Twenty 18. These events have attracted several hundred of the most gifted 25-35 year old emerging leaders from a wide range of industries across Australia. Jason is consistently spot on with his content, delivers in spades as a keynote speaker as well as on panels & in mentoring small groups and is always a favourite of delegates. Delegates went away not only inspired after hearing from Jason but also with practical steps for how to make positive changes in their lives. We would happily have Jason come back every year!


Jonathan Green
National Director, William Wilberforce Foundation

I have had Jason present on a number of occasions. He has a genuineness…that is disarming and confidence inspiring. He is a person who easily attracts undivided attention though his relaxed style, warmth and authenticity as a person who lives out his message. I do not hesitate to invite Jason to speak at any of our events.


Peter Kently
Conference Organiser, Global Marketplace Exchange

Jason’s clarity, focus and relaxed speaking style all connect superbly with audiences. He engages where people sit, inspiring them behind themselves. I had many participants genuinely challenged and purposefully focussed through Jason’s presentation. One of the best comments as a result of Jason’s presentation was: “When can we do this again?”. …Jason’s generosity and maturity speaking from life experience all contribute to a depth of wisdom that is both refreshing and informative. If you can arrange it, be sure to book him to speak for your next function.


Rev Dr Brian Birkett
Managing Director, Springboard Consulting

“Jason is one of the few people you meet who has you reaching for a notebook within the first few minutes of a conversation so that you won’t forget what you have just heard… his positive guidance, integrity and wisdom is invaluable. Jason was a keynote speaker at a recent business and promotional breakfast we hosted. From the outset he totally engaged and inspired the audience with his own stories and learnings. He then deflected all of the momentum he had created towards SALT resulting in support of all kinds for our NFP. Jason’s business achievements are significant but his generosity, humility and care for others are equally significant in my estimation.”


Dave Burt
Founder, S.A.L.T.

“Jason engaged the audience with his frank and passionate delivery about the origins of Back In Motion, from its almost accidental and humble start in his garage, through the entrepreneur’s curse of second-guessing themselves, and finally, the journey to a clarity of purpose which has seen Jason achieve great things professionally and personally. This presentation was a highlight of the 2016 Franchise Management Forum and Jason tells a great tale with take-home value for all who hear it.”


Jason Gehrke
Director, Franchise Advisory Centre

“Jason is an inspirational entrepreneur who shares the real life case study of his wins, lessons learned, and moments of exhaustion with his captivated audiences. He is a vibrant business owner with an enchanting story. When Jason addresses an audience, he empowers them to reflect on their own life position, what’s important, what the purpose to what they do is, how family is the cornerstone of their success or failure and what may be the next step to launch oneself into action.”


Corina Vucic
Director, Franchise Business Solutions

“Jason is a dynamic, innovative and inspirational presenter in large forums, intimate gatherings and everything in between. His preparation and ability to call on real- life examples to illustrate and highlight a take home message make his presentations authentic and genuine. Jason’s diverse background allows him to tailor a message for many audiences across a range of topics including health, wellbeing, business, community, leadership, mentoring, youth and indigenous affairs. After hearing Jason, you will self-reflect and be inspired of what is possible.”


Cris Massis
CEO, Australian Physiotherapy Association

“Not only did Jason have everyone’s undivided attention within the first few 15 seconds, the audience was mesmerised for the duration! Jason’s personal story…is one of inspiration and determination. Jason delivers his story with enthusiasm an  animation and is not afraid to hold back his views…. Leadership is Jason’s passion and his strength! When listening to Jason it is not hard to understand why he has been successful. Jason has no secret formula for success but what Jason does have is a passion that is infectious and having listened to him deliver his message it is easy to see how people catch his bug!””


Scott Thomson
International Chair, International Private Physical Therapists Association

“Jason is an engaging and entertaining communicator. His relaxed style and transparency of his story, including the ‘ups and down’s’ of business resonated well with the whole audience. He brought wisdom and insight, in a refreshingly humble way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jason Smith.


 Brett Ryan
CEO, Focus on the Family

“I went into the Iceberg Leadership workshop blind, not knowing what to expect. I knew the two days were on leadership but I didn’t know if I was actually going to learn new stuff. I have been absolutely blown away on some of this content, to be able to grab leadership in a tangible way and break it down is invaluable. Thank you Jason for exceeding my expectations. I recommend this to everyone.”


Samantha Charlton
Founder – Freedom Tiger