Up Close and Personal

Jason is a sought-after mentor, coach, trainer, facilitator and consultant to businesses large and small, strategic teams, and especially to individuals who want to live with conviction. Jason is especially driven to mentor others in leadership excellence, entrepreneurial business, health & wellness, and social justice opportunities.

Leadership Excellence

Leadership is not for the titled few, or the corporate elite. It’s for everyone. Jason mentors individuals to better understanding their dormant leadership attributes, and puts framework around self-accountability, team influence and organisational impact.

Entrepreneurial Business

Starting something new demands courage and creativity. Sticking with it in face of obstacles, requires so much more. Jason coaches people and teams through the rigours of the translating their entrepreneurial ideas into mature commercial plans.

Health & Wellness

Health is not defined by the absence of pain, sickness or injury. It’s about living at your optimal best – spirit, soul, and body. With a proven approach and holistic strategies, Jason will help you to adopt a fun, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Social Justice

Regardless of our circumstances, there are always other with less opportunity. We don’t need to be rich to help those in need. And rather than rely just on hand-outs, Jason will show you how to give others a leg-up. Develop your voice for those who need advocacy.

A Consultation Tailored To You

Jason offers a style and format to suit everyone. There are many ways to connect to ensure you achieve optimal value.

Personal Mentorship

1to1 coaching, in person, to develop strategies, bring accountability, and achieve agreed objectives for home, work, business, personal relationships and in community life.

Virtual Coaching

Online scheduled phone and video conferencing to ensure distance is no barrier to maintaining regular connection through the mentoring and development of agreed goals.

Team Facilitation

Working with small groups of business owners, project teams, boards, charities, and even families on achieving their optimal impact in their areas of interest and concern.

Workshops And Masterclasses

Hosting larger groups through tailored curriculum and strategic content to educate, empower, and commission you in greater leadership.