Written by Jason T. Smith

June 26, 2018

In terms of natural seasons, Winter has absolutely arrived in Melbourne.

That said, seasons are a natural part of life. Just like we see cycles in the property sector and stock market, and we observe the circle of life in the biology of every living creature, so our earth orbits our sun in a predictable way. Every 3 months the season changes.


Seasons are part of life.

Our careers, businesses, and various industries move in seasons too. Some are less predictable than the natural quarterly changes we see in the park, but nonetheless, there is a pattern.

I wonder what season you are in?

Is it Spring – because you have just started a new role; have been offered a promotion; or recently committed to further study? Is it Autumn or Winter – because you are feeling a little stuck and under-challenged, and you need fresh opportunity? Or is it Summer – because right now you are enjoying a fulfilling job; love what you do and who you do it with; and have crafted the right work:life ratio?

Whatever your current situation, the season matters. Some changes in our life and workplace are inevitable and predictable, while others catch us by surprise. But either way, change can be great if we know how to approach it.

I have learned through my career, that every season offers something new to learn from and become grateful for. Here are five insights I have gleaned from 40 years of the seasons of my life:

  1. Know your season at all times – sometimes just calling it can help you understand better what you are experiencing.
  2. Each season is both cause and effect – the choices we make in this season will undoubtedly have some influence over the ones that follows.
  3. We can change/influence our season – unlike being able to speed up the months of our natural winters, we can often influence how long some seasons are in our life. We can accelerate through them when we know what we are meant to learn from each experience.
  4. Accept you are in a perpetual state of transition – changes are inevitable; and no season lasts forever. We grow through seasons. So, develop the necessary skills and attitudes to enhance your career and life in all 4 metaphorical seasons.
  5. We learn more in our Winters and Autumns than our Summers & Springs – trials and challenges teach us perseverance and character. Growth through adversity. Without this, we would not mature.

I hope you can make the most out of the season you are in right now! Choose to do so. Maybe it’s time to even talk with your peers, family, or employers about where you are at, what you need help with, and where you want to go. Planning the next steps could help you make the most of this season, and the next one to follow.

And as we say in Melbourne, “If you don’t like the weather…just wait a minute”. Because if you live here, you know it’s likely to change frequently. All four seasons in one day, in fact!

So be the positive force of change in your own life and see if you can influence your own seasons.

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