STOP worrying about workouts and exercise

Written by Jason T. Smith

September 7, 2017

A fitness expert in the US recently identified an unexpected way you might be slowly killing yourself.

Shin Ohtake cites a Stanford University study (published July 20th, 2017) that just found that believing you’re not getting enough exercise can shorten your lifespan.

Just thinking about not exercising enough has a negative impact on your health.

Amazing. They published the results. They signed off on the study. And they said that you’re basically killing yourself by thinking “I don’t exercise enough.”

Here are the details of this remarkable study*:

  • 61,000 American adults across 3 national data pools were surveyed. Information on weight, mortality risk factors, activity and exercise levels, and more were collected.
  • Key to this Study – Survey participants were asked to assess their rate of exercise compared to peers.
  • Shocking Result from Stanford Researchers: People who believe they are less activethan their peers are more likely to die, no matter how healthy they are or how much they exercise or take care of themselves.

Researchers are saying “don’t underestimate the power of your mind” because this exercise perception “placebo effect” (it’s actually called a “nocebo effect” if it is negative) can directly impact your lifespan.

What can you do?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise or workout anymore. 

Doctors, physios and researchers don’t think you should stop exercising either. Read my book ‘Get Yourself Back In Motion’ and especially Chapter 15 (‘Looking Good in Lycra’) to really learn my positive views toward exercise.

Speaking about the study, co-author and researcher Octavia Zahrt said that it doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to others – because different people need different amounts of exercise.

Healthy thoughts are JUST as important as healthy actions.

*”Perceived Physical Activity and Mortality: Evidence From Three Nationally Representative U.S. Samples,” by Octavia H. Zahrt, BA, and Alia J. Crum, PhD, Stanford University. Health Psychology, published online, Thur., July 20, 2017

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