Top Franchise CEO’s Secrets Revealed

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[Global Publishing Group 2007]

Discover the secrets of the $128b franchise industry – featuring Back In Motion Health Group, Boost Juice, Brumbys, Clark Rubber, Fernwood Fitness and La Porchetta.

T his is the first book of its kind to reveal just what it takes to dominate the franchising industry and create massive wealth along the way. The book includes honest and open stories of success from the people behind the big name national franchises.

The authors Darren Stephens and Stephen Raff offer readers the opportunity to compress years of learning the hard way into hours of reading about it from the entrepreneurs who have learnt from their mistakes and challenges. Each franchisor interviewed for this exclusive book tells of the personal and professional challenges they had to overcome to get to the top and how they continue to stay there. Presented in a question and answer format, the reader is left with the sense of having heard it straight from the horse’s mouth; a no holds barred account of what it took to become such a massive success.

The insights in this book are incredibly valuable; not just for those in or interested in entering the franchising industry but for anyone who dreams of business and personal success, who sets their aim high and constantly seeks to exceed their expectations.


Readers will discover:

  • How to build and run a multi-million dollar franchise system.
  • Unique franchise and marketing and PR secrets.
  • How to improve their franchise relationships and profits.
  • The keys to becoming an award winning franchisor and franchisee.
  • How to create a global business network.
  • How to choose the right franchisor or franchisee.
  • Tricks, traps and industry wisdom that will create wealth, health and happiness