Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership

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[Major Street Publishing 2018]

“A timely resource for any business owner or CEO wanting to take their journey into the full potential of the future of business.”  Jeremy Scrivens, Work Futurist & Innovation Catalyst.

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For more than a decade, Jason T. Smith led the Back In Motion Health Group with a traditional organisational structure. For a while, it worked well. They were recognised in the BRW Fast Franchise list for five consecutive years as ANZ’s fastest-growing physiotherapy franchise – but then something changed. Jason set a new goal that couldn’t be achieved through the status quo. Their organisational model lacked critical design attributes needed for his team to unleash its innovative potential.  It was time to overhaul.

In the new book, Outside-in Downside-Up Leadership, Jason shares how just two years later, after challenging their internal culture and work flow, they found the sweet spot between authentic collaboration and the holy grail of peer accountability.  The result: an explosion of new business growth and the freedom for each team member to excel at what they love.

Working together in a completely innovative structure they call ONEteam™, Back In Motion worked from the outside-in, turning former norms and systems downside-up. The result was a workplace revolution – they achieved their overriding strategic target of 7/50/100: a brand presence in 7 states and territories, generating revenues of close to $50 million in annual client services, in over 100 locations.

Regardless of whether you employ five people or lead a cohort of 5000, Outside-in Downside-Up Leadership provides a unique, practical framework for those who know their organisation is capable of so much more.

This book is their story…warts and all!


“Be challenged to think in this new and agile way, and not settle for an inferior traditional approach to leading teams and managing processes.”

Peter Irvine, Co Founder, Gloria Jean’s Coffees Australia.

“Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership fills a missing link for entrepreneurs who hit the wall because of the limitations of traditional methods of organisational management.”

John Sikkema, Chairman, Halftime Australia