Get Yourself Back In Motion

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[Global Publishing Group 2013]

“Practical, easy to follow guide – a must for all of us.”

Dr. Ross Walker, Preventative Health Expert, Author and Media Presenter

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The dilemma for most people is finding the right person to help them on their health journey. In a world gone crazy with fitness advice, lifestyle TV shows, celebrity chefs and extreme makeovers – we could be fooled into thinking everyone’s an expert. Who do you follow to make the right choices for your health? What happens when you get well-meaning but conflicting advice? And with the plethora of literature available in the media and online, how do you apply it to your unique situation? In a way, health professionals have made it tough on us.

The persistent question Jason T. Smith has asked himself throughout his career is, “Why do some clients get better results than others?”. Is it genetic predisposition, the skill of their therapist, the quality or type of treatment they receive or simply the individual’s want factor that has most influence? Or is it that some people are just luckier in health than others?

After well over a decade of experience intentionally pursuing the answer to this question, Jason is now prepared to share his insights in the book Get Yourself Back In Motion.


By way of overview,  some of the topics he addresses in the book include:

  • Teaching readers how to save time and money through simple strategies that enhance their recovery and put less emphasis on having to return for multiple medical consultations
  • Answering questions that often can’t get properly discussed during a short consultation with a therapist
  • What to do in the first 2-3 days after an injury to prevent exacerbating your pain.
  • The different treatment options available and how readers can choose what is most appropriate for them.
  • The scientific background of some advanced technologies used by physiotherapists in the 21st century.

Chapters will also outline physical health, nutrition, weight management, orthotic care, vibration therapy, exercise and fitness routines, supplements, gait aids, sleeping posture and a host of other related subjects.

Every individual should own a copy of this book. It’s an essential resource for hospitals, medical practices, schools, sporting clubs, and homes.

Get Yourself Back In Motion instantly became an International Bestseller in 2013 and has reached markets all around the world in both hard copy and online channels. Separate to this, Jason Smith has attracted significant media exposure and awards for his innovative approaches to health care.


“Jason manages to take a step above the rest and provide the essential answers to long sought after questions that no one has dared to publish  before.”

Cameron McEvoy, Olympic Gold medalist.

“This book is a positive way to address and highlight health and well-being issues affecting all Australians. Jason is an innovative and passionate member… of the physiotherapy community.”

Cris Massis, CEO Australian Physiotherapy Association