Jason T Smith in the Newspaper

Jason has featured in multiple news articles over the past 20 years. Below is a snapshot of some of the highlights from various journalists throughout his career.


Herald Sun - Aussie physio company doubles in size after banning job descriptions and titles

Jason T Smith says that phenomenal growth really came down to his decision to ban one simple thing — forever.


Franchise Business - Number one Aussie franchise executive revealed

Jason Smith, founder and group director of Back in Motion is listed as Franchise Business second place executive!


The Australian - Great leaders ask questions and so often receive the best insights

Great leaders should make as few decisions as possible but as many as necessary. As counterintuitive as that sounds, being a leader doesn’t mean calling all the shots all the time.


Australian Leadership

Jason Smith talks to Victor Perton about Australian Leadership.  Jason T Smith is the founder of Back in Motion, Australasia’s’s largest physiotherapy franchise group with 100 locations nationally and recognised by several BRW and Ernst & Young business awards.


B&T - Why You Need To Over-Lead And Under-Manage

In this guest post Jason offers his tops on what makes a great manager these days.


Jeremy Scrivens writes about Jason T Smith

The day Jason T. Smith liberated his people from the tyranny of hierarchy to collaborate and grow


CEO World - Culture By Choice. If You Didn’t Create One, Then You Have Inherited An Alternate One.

Good businesses are about products and services. Great businesses are always about people. No matter what industry you are in, what problem you are solving, or which customers you serve… the truism of every high performing team is an excellent culture.


Wellness Daily - Should we eliminate job titles?

Back In Motion CEO Jason T Smith believes that getting rid of job titles can both improve a business’ culture and help it thrive moving forward. Wellness Daily spoke with him about how this can happen.


CEO World - Trustparency, How To Nurture A Want-To-Know Culture

Good businesses are about products and services. Great businesses are always about people. And if people are involved, then trust and transparency are paramount attributes to drive loyalty. A sentiment I like to call, “trustparency”. Because one without the other is a death-knoll to your culture and business.